Epsilon Clothes revisits the codes of streetwear and haute couture by combining sobriety and originality, elegance and practicality for a timeless style. We think about materials, in an ethical approach and designs that are meant to be contemporary, graphic and subtle. The brand is based on three ranges of clothing:



We revisit the codes of streetwear by combining sobriety and originality, elegance and practicality, for a timeless style through which we invent our own space of creativity.

We design each piece as a work of art, with its own identity and history. Based on a patronage of our invention, the cut of which is suitable for a wide variety of bodies, regardless of size, age or sex, each piece is autonomous and free, transforms and reinvents itself according to the individual who wears it.

Located in Lyon, our workshop is the place of creation of the Unique Pieces, made by our little hands with great care, from leathers and fabrics purchased in France.


We work on the basics necessary for a contemporary wardrobe, for a graphic and subtle style. The products of the Limited Series range are made in Portugal with organic cotton and because we believe in the strength of the collective and the potential of local youth, we then work in close collaboration with Lyon embroidery and screen printing artists, for a result combining excellence and equity.


Promodels are the brand new and latest range. In a zero waste approach, we rework the limited series in order to create new timeless and innovative pieces.



We believe that our customers are entitled to know what they are paying, which prompts us to subscribe to the concept of RADICAL TRANSPARENCY. We are therefore committed to detailing all costs, manufacturing processes and explaining our margin, on each product we offer.



We are constantly looking to evolve in range in order to offer you ever more qualitative products. Our goal is to register in the fashion world as an essential brand in terms of ethics and respect for the environment.

Raw material and animal welfare

Epsilon works with a skin re-cutter which sources only in Germany, Italy and France, which guarantees a minimum environmental cost in terms of distance between the places of supply and production. On the other hand, we do not have control over the information concerning the treatment of the animals from which the skins are derived. Because our ethical approach is multidimensional, we ultimately aim to control the leather supply chain by finding partners who certify that we respect the animal during its lifetime up to the conditions of slaughter and thus guarantee a product as environmentally friendly as possible.

Epsilon wants to be at the forefront of innovation, and we are actively looking for raw materials that would allow us to reduce our ecological impact. We are currently in the midst of an attempt with Tencel and tire salvage. We show you all this very quickly!

Choosing to wear Epsilon reflects a desire to combine sharp elegance and a work ethic, for a daring, lasting and visionary style.